Herbert Hoover High School


Hoover High School Textbook Policy

All textbooks are the property of Hoover High School and must remain covered at all times –Please do not use adhesive covers as they may cause permanent damage.

If a book is returned without the school’s barcode we cannot determine the owner thus the replacement cost for the book will be added as an obligation to the student.

Every student is responsible for the books issued to them.

We strongly advise you to:

  •   Keep a list of your book titles and numbers.

  •   Write your name inside all of your books.

    In the event that you return someone else’s book, they will get credit for the book but not you. If your book is damaged, stolen, lost or vandalized, you will be charged for the cost of replacement. You have the option of paying the replacement cost in its entirety, or upon approval by administration, pay $20.00 (per book) and make weekly payments until the cost of the loss is paid in full. If you lose a book please report it to the library as soon as possible.

    Remember to return all checked out textbooks to the library and not to the teacher. After May 2, 2016, no checks will be accepted. All obligations must be paid in cash or money order only.

    The last day to return textbooks for seniors is May 31, 2016 and for all other classes is June 01, 2016.