Herbert Hoover High School

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"Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind"


As the 2016-17 school year gets underway, I am filled with joy.  Hoover High School was awarded three California Gold Ribbons for the arts, professional development and success with high poverty students.  We are also recognized by as a Silver school by U.S. News and World Report, by The Daily Beast and by the Campaign for Business and Education as a school who is a high performing school that is successfully closing the achievement gap.  We are a proud academic institution that provides students with the tools and opportunities needed to achieve all of their goals.  This year, we will be focusing on Executive Functioning skills and goal setting with our students.  Our entire staff is committed to supporting students in getting to school on time and with a goal in mind.  

We have exciting news at Hoover High School.  Our new arts building will be opening at the beginning of the school year.  Hoover will be offering the first High School Korean FLAG class in GUSD.  The Hoover Tornado Marching Band will be defending their state champion title.  We also saw positive growth on the CAASPP test in both English and Math.  We are now setting the bar even higher in 2016-17.  We will continue to focus on the five C’s of the common core throughout the school, which include:  critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity and culture. At Hoover High School (HHS), students are expected to take an active part in uncovering new knowledge and applying it to the real world.  Our gifted faculty and staff facilitate this challenging work in and out of the classroom.  

Student success is celebrated through programs like the Principal’s Honor Roll, Student of the Month, Senior Awards, Top Tornados and the Distinguished Scholars Academy (DSA).   HHS offers about 25 Advanced Placement classes each year.  We hope that all students find their path to a successful academic career while at Hoover.  Students who take advantage of the exceptional education we offer are attending universities like John Hopkins, Berkley, UCLA and Harvard and are receiving significant scholarships.  Our Academy students are taking advantage of our programs to attend noteworthy schools and to create careers in areas like the Arts, Auto and Public Safety.  

There is a spirit and energy at Hoover that one only gets acquainted with if they are lucky enough to be on our campus during any given school day.  The faculty, staff, students and parents/guardians at our school are considered a family that is committed to each other.  We call that family Ohana.  Ohana means family and family means no one gets lefts behind or forgotten.  Hoover is a place where all students are expected find something to get involved in, thrive in their academics and turn to their Ohana when they are in need.  

Being a Hoover Tornado means that you are now a part of a tradition that began in 1929.  The tradition is alive and well. We want all students to find their place at Hoover and get involved while they excel in academics.  At Hoover, we have an innovative culture that invites new clubs, ideas and programs.  Many of these ideas come to fruition through the commitment of our Ohana.  Parents and guardians are welcome and can help our students thrive by joining the PTA, attending student events and supporting students in their efforts to be timely, organized and focused.  All Tornados are capable of whatever they put their minds to.  Tornados know that “nothing worth having comes easy,” but we also know that we have our Ohana to help us on the journey!  



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