Herbert Hoover High School

a-g Admission Requirements

a. Social Science 1 year U.S. History, 1 year World History
b. English 4 years (1 year of ELD 5 will count towards ninth grade English)
c. Mathematics 3 years including Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2)
(4 years recommended)
d. Laboratory Science 2 years college prep science with laboratory (life and physical)
(3 years recommended)
e. Foreign Language 2 years in the same language
(3 years recommended)
f. Visual & Performing Arts 1 year art, dance, drama, or music
g. Electives 1 year of an academic, college prep elective

Note: For the newest information on entrance requirements, students should consult the
counselor or
http://www.scumentor.edu, www.ucop.edu/pathway, and www.collegeboard.org.