Herbert Hoover High School

Welcome Class of 2020
Mrs. Scharch 
Email: RScharch@gusd.net
Phone : (818)242-6801 ext.81135
I started my career in education as an art teacher.  After ten years of teaching I realized I wanted to work with kids on a different level so I returned to school and earned a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling and got licensed in 2001.  I have been a high school counselor since 2001.

I'm interested in helping students find their place in the world.  I think the high school years can be very challenging and they are sometimes difficult to maneuver.  My desire is to help students be successful academically, personally and socially.  "They can because they think they can." --Virgil

How will this year be different for you?  If you did well last year then just keep up the good work.  If you weren't happy with your grades then do something about it...
                                          --do you do your homework every night?
                                          --do you ask questions when you don't understand?
                                          --do you seek help from your teachers after school?
                                          --do you study for tests? (more than 15 minutes!)
                                          --do you read ahead when you have time?
                                          --do you participate in class--get involved?
                                          --are you part of any club or program at Hoover?
In the end, it's all worth it.  Education pays off!
If you have questions or need help, please come see me.