Herbert Hoover High School

Spring 2017 Career Technical Education schedule for after school classes ( formerly known as ROP)  
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CTE Enrollment form  students need to complete this form and turn it into their counselor to be enrolled in CTE classes. 
There are many courses you take in school, like math, science, English/language arts, and social studies that are important in many careers. When you begin to see the connection between what you are learning and what the workplace and college requirements are, then school will mean more to you.  There are many elective courses you may take in high school that will allow you to gain some technical skills for a career of your choice. Some high schools also have academies, ROP classes, and other technical programs which will further your interest.  When it comes to careers, change is inevitable. It is not unusual for adults to change their occupations seven or eight times during their working years. The key to good career planning is to be aware of all your options and to explore new opportunities as they arise and interest  you.

Career preparation may include the following:
Take an interest inventory in your guidance class
Take an interest inventory on the CHOICES program available at your school
Listen to guest speakers visiting your school
Participate in the job shadowing opportunities offered through your school
Apply for a summer job in a field that interests you
Serve as a volunteer
Write your first résume
Talk to a counselor about careers
Read a book on career planning
Research various occupations in Job Choices, Occupational Outlook Handbook, or similar publications
Participate in school/local clubs and organizations
Take a leadership role in school/local clubs and organizations
According to surveys conducted by the National Associations of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the top ten personal characteristics employers seek include:
1. Communication skills
2. Work experience
3. Motivation/initiative
4. Teamwork skills
5. Leadership abilities
6. High GPA/academic skills
7. Technical skills
8. Interpersonal skills
9. Analytical skills
10. Ethics

According to employers, the top seven skills employers seek include:
1. Interpersonal
2. Teamwork
3. Verbal communication
4. Analytical
5. Computer
6. Written communication
7. Leadership

After School and on Weekends
Grades 11, 12 – Semester
Prerequisite: 16 years of age and counselor approval.
Classes qualify for Career Preparation credit
ROP offer students the opportunity to acquire entry-level job skills in practical on-the-job training programs. These classes are scheduled during out-of-school hours and at school and, training sites throughout the community. Job placement assistance is available upon successful completion of an ROP course. A complete list of courses offered, times, and locations is available in the Career Center.  A certificate of achievement, identifying each student’s job proficiencies, is given to students who have completed a class. These certificates are useful for applying for work and for admission to advanced training institutions. See the ROP Technician for details on starting dates, days, and time. Also check the web site at www.lacorop.org.  Some of these classes are now being offered in the Glendale area:
Animation Community Counselor Aide
Child Development 
Commercial Art (Beginning & Advanced) Emergency Medical Technician
Commercial Photography Fire Service Occupation
Computer Applications First Responder
Web Site Design Graphic Arts
Photoshop I/PageMaker
Photoshop II Intro to Law Enforcement
Desktop Publishing Medical Assistant
Intro to Computers Retail Marketing
Excel TV Production/Media Arts (Fine Arts credit)
Water Safety & Life Guard
The Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS), U.S. Department of Labor, issued its report on the competencies, skills, and personal qualities needed to succeed in the workplace.  The SCANS report challenged schools, parents, and businesses to help all students develop future workplace, SCANS identified five broad categories of competencies that would lead to
successful transition from school to work:
Resources: allocating time, money, materials, space, and staff; Inter-personal Skills: working on teams, teaching others, serving customers, leading, negotiating, and working well with people from culturally diverse backgrounds; Information: acquiring and evaluating data, organizing and maintaining files, interpreting and communicating, and using computers to process information; Systems: understanding social, organizational, and technological systems, monitoring and correcting, performance, and designing or improving systems; Technology: selecting equipment and tools, applying technology to specific tasks, and maintaining and troubleshooting technologies. 
Additional Resources for Exploring Careers
www.usnews.com (careers & education)

Each high school in the Glendale Unified School District offers specialized course offerings that will help define a student's personal career choice.  Hoover High School offers the following:
Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)
Police and Fire Academy
Foods and Bistro